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training knife used in disarm drill

What Is a Training Knife?

Jul 23, 2021 • No Comments on What Is a Training Knife?

A training knife is an essential tool if you want to master the blade or learn how to defend against it. Law enforcement officers, military operators, and martial...

Woman holding water bottle outside.

Hot Weather Tips: 5 Easy Hacks

This article covers the best hot weather tips, including how to identify and treat heat-related illnesses. We give you 5 great tips to cool...

Jul 19, 2021 •

duck hunter wearing camo in hunting blind

How to Choose Turkey and Duck Hunting Camo Patterns

Choosing the best duck hunting camo is much different than picking out a deer hunting camo. Most big game animals lack depth perception and...

Jul 13, 2021 •

deer hunter wearing camo

Best Hunting Camo Patterns for Deer and Other Big Game

Big game hunters know how important hunting camo is when it comes to concealment. The right camouflage pattern can make you practically...

Jul 7, 2021 •

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Vortex SPARC Solar Red Dot Sight

Jul 19, 2021 • No Comments on Vortex SPARC Solar Red Dot Sight

If you buy a new rifle, shotgun, or even a pistol these days, then there’s a good chance it’s “optic ready”. A red dot sight is an excellent choice that’s...

SOUSA Optics RAID Red Dot Sight

With almost every major pistol manufacturer offering “optic ready” models, a pistol red dot sight is becoming as...

Jul 16, 2021

tactical pants tactical jeans

Gear Review: Tactical Pants & Tactical Jeans for 2021

We put four new pairs of tactical pants and tactical jeans through their paces. Check out the latest and greatest in...

Jun 30, 2021

Review: Fujinon Techno-Stabi TSX1440 Binoculars

What Are Image-Stabilized Binoculars? Image-stabilized Fujinon Binoculars use a gyroscopic mechanism to continuously...

Jun 21, 2021