When the Name Says It All: Steiner 12×40 Predator Pro Compact Hunting Binoculars

This is one example of a product whose name tells you a lot about what you get when you purchase it. The Steiner 12×40 Predator Pro Compact Hunting Binoculars are top tier compact hunting binoculars at an extremely affordable price for many reasons. In a blog post last month, I wrote about Steiner military marine binoculars and of the legendary innovation and quality that people have expected from Steiner for over 60 years. Be it their innovations in lens coatings, or their precision German optics, binocular aficionados always consider Steiner Binoculars when making a purchase.

Let’s talk a little about what makes the Steiner Predator Pro Compact Binoculars so great. First off, they feature a unique high contrast lens coating that makes game “pop” in green foliage. This allows the user to better discern subjects in heavily forested regions and pick out the minutest detail. Steiner utilizes a technology called the Color Adjusted Transmission (CAT) lens coating that makes red and brown colors stand out against green backdrops. It furthermore improves visibility during low-light conditions, meaning you won’t be caught off guard during dusk and dawn.

Furthermore, these Steiner 12×40 Hunting Binoculars features new NBR rubber armoring that makes it durable and also as close to silent as possible during use. Furthermore, the armoring makes these binoculars easier to grip in wet weather. 18.5mm eye relief make it possible to use these binoculars while also wearing eyeglasses, and the soft, fold down eye cups are more comfortable that traditional cups for all operators.

If that isn’t enough, these hunting binoculars come in at a comfortable 24 ounces and include a simple to use neck strap. Furthermore, our current promotion for Steiner binoculars is still going on: Buy any Steiner Binocular and get a FREE Steiner Logo Hat! This is in addition to our Free Shipping and Handling and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, making Optics Planet the place to buy your next pair of Steiner Binoculars.

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