Steiner 7×30 Navigator Pro Marine Binoculars- Magellan’s Best Friend

Christopher Columbus was an explorer that believed you could sail to India by going west from Spain. As we all know today, there is a little thing called “North America” that blocks that route from being quite as functional as expected. Little did he know he was actually landing in The Bahamas and not a port in eastern India… until he landed in The Bahamas.

I will not argue that the Steiner 7×30 Navigator Pro Marine Binoculars would have alerted Columbus to the fact that he was not going to be partying in Calcutta on this voyage, but they sure would have been helpful. These waterproof bionculars also come with an integrated magnetic compass, which I am told can be quite handy when on the water. Steiner quality is reflected in the durability and performance of these compact binoculars and as with any other Steiner Binoculars as OpticsPlanet is an Authorized Dealer, you benefit from the full manufacturer warranty available!

The exclusive Steiner Sports Auto Focus system, once configured to meet the specifications of your eyes, delivers a incredible field of view of 20 yards to infinity. You can easily pan across the water to take in whatever is around you. Look there! It’s a dolphin! And over there- it’s a whale, playfully blowing his spout. Wait, what’s that? Pirates- sound the alarm! Man the cannons!

You most likely will not be sailing on a 17th century battleship, but whether kayaking, fishing, sailing, or whatever recreational water activity you are engaged in, the performance is just what you need. Advanced anti-haze “CAT” optics block glare (always a major issue on the high seas) but also maximize brightness. A vertical/horizontal range finding mil reticle is built-in to help you determine the distance from a harbor, pier, lighthouse, buoy, other boat, or anything else you see.

There’s no reason to have any other pair of binoculars for your maritime activities. And with a $30 Steiner Rebate available for this product, now is truly the best time to buy. Visit OpticsPlanet for great deals on binoculars and many other products!

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