OpticsPlanet Isn’t Just an Optics Super Store- It’s Part of the Business Community!

Hello OpticsPlanet friends and fans!

We’re rapidly approaching our 10th anniversary here (you heard that right- 10 years!) and preparations are buzzing about. Between that and the rapidly approaching holidays, projects are stacking up and the coffee machine buzzes later and later every day.

Recently, we got a fun little opportunity to make a video about the Yahoo! Merchant Summit. American Express is sponsoring a contest where the video that gets the most views will win, and naturally- we want to win! We’d really appreciate if you checked it out and helped us, and as an added bonus there is a 10% off any $50 order available in the video description on YouTube.

One of the things we’ve always been proud of at OpticsPlanet is that we aren’t just a company, we’re part of a community. We are active in our biggest segments, such as hunting, birding, and astronomy, and we are also rapidly expanding our OpticsPlanet Cares program that supports noteworthy charities focusing on humanitarian efforts, education, and HEROES (military, law enforcement, emergency personnel.)

In addition to that though, we also try and engage with the business and technology community whenever we can. We regularly send people to conferences and expos such as:

  • Yahoo! Merchant Summit
  • SES Conference & Expo
  • Internet Retailer Conference & Expo
  • SHOT Show
  • SMX
  • … and so many other events, both large and small.

We also try to engage with people on forums, both on our site and off-site, and offer help in any way we can. Many of our employees are members on interest forums, and they post there to help and advise, not make a sale. This is because we truly believe that we should make any community we are involved in stronger, for the good of everyone in that community. We also have employees (like me!) that have made guest posts on sites such as SEOMoz to help business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs excel and reach their goals.

As an organization, we always strive to help as much as we can. While we can’t help everyone, we try our best everyday to make a difference. We look forward to sharing more of our 10th Anniversary news soon!

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