Swarovski CT 101 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit- Only the Best for the Best

Swarovski is renowned for incredible quality and durability in its optics. From rifle scopes to binoculars, and especially spotting scopes Swarovski Optik merchandise proves to be some of the top products in their class time and again, as this Austrian company continues to innovate in the industry of sport optics.

When you are purchasing top of the line optics, be it from Swarovski or any other top brand, you cannot skimp on the accessories that make the experience. Would you buy cheap $80 tires for your luxury car? You would absolutely not- the performance of a car can be limited by the tires that are the point of contact to the road. So why would you use a cheap, flimsy tripod for your top-shelf Swarovski spotting scope?

Tripods are necessary when using spotting scopes because the high magnification amplifies every movement, every quiver, every shake. A top quality tripod will keep your spotting scope firmly locked in and secure, while also allowing for precision adjustments so that you can keep your subject in view. The Swarovski CT 101 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit offers carbon fiber/basalt composite construction making the legs of this tripod extremely strong, resilient, and steady. This allows for frequent and intensive use, and these materials also make the tripod incredibly lightweight at only about 3 pounds. In conjunction with the soft neoprene shoulder strap and carrying strap, you can easily and comfortably take this tripod anywhere you go and enjoy the break-taking views your spotting scope provide.

The tripod head on the Swarovski CT 101 Carbon Fiber Tripod is stable and practical, with a five-tooth locking system to make sure your spotting scope is firmly held in place, secure and protected from unwanted displacement. You can easily pan and tilt smoothly and efficiently to make sure you always have your subject in clear view. And with a digital camera and digiscoping setup, the Swarovski CT101 Tripod has the stability you need to produce a perfect picture every time.

Upgrade your tripod today with the Swarovski CT101 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit and get the most from your high-end spotting scope. Available at OpticsPlanet, your source for Authentic Swarovski Optiks.

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