5.11 Tactical Bailout Bag- The Range Bag to Beat This Holiday Season

The 5.11 Tactical Bailout Bag is the carrying bag to beat this holiday season. Here is why.

Under the veneer of civility, we pretend that survival of the fittest is an adage long tucked away in the annals of our evolutionary past. The truth is that this layer, gilded upon us by society is paper thin. Beneath it lays our animalistic nature and only you and the contents of your 5.11 Tactical Bail Out Bag can prevent the total breakdown of society. 5.11 Tactical, the undisputed expert in all things tactically oriented has pushed the limits and betrothed you with the opportunity to purchase one of the finest, and most inexpensive tactical gear bags on the market.

This gear bag is your go to bag no matter the circumstance. Perfect for the gun range, the battlefield, or the blocks of your nearest inner city locale, 5.11 Carrying Bags are a necessity for the seasoned cop on the beat or a soldier deploying out of a humvee. This is one bail out Obama didn’t plan for.

The Bailout Out Carrying Bag from 5.11 Tactical can hold up to 6 AR magazines…in the front mag pockets! With more compartments than you’ll know what to do with, you’ll be doing just that, wondering how much and which component of tactical perfection is best suited for which compartment. If you’re worried about durability, go back to carrying your equipment in grocery bags. The 5.11 Bail Out Carrying Bag is constructed from 1050 Nylon, some of the most durable material we’ve offered. The shoulder strap is adjustable with quick-release and a removal shoulder pad. It’s no wonder the 5.11 Bailout Range Bag has received a 4.9/5.0 rating from our users.

You can get this fantastic carrying bag and other products of tactical proportions at www.opticsplanet.com, the industry leader in tactical gear.

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