Vertx EDC Courier-A Messenger Bag on Steroids

I don’t know what it is but lets face it, messenger bags might be the most non manly piece of tactical gear that we could buy. With most of the messenger bags on the market I’d be dead on with that statement but with the EDC Courier from Vertx, strangely that’s not the case. I apologize if you’re a fan of these types of bags, however in my eyes they share way too many traits with what the opposite sex likes to call a purse. I’m a straight shooter when it comes to gear yet this time I’m left in a weird spot. Not only did I immediately gravitate towards this new bag from Vertx but I’ve gone to the dark side and now use it in conjunction with my EDC system.


How could this have happened? Why did I do a total 180 on my views? C’mon guys the answer to that question is simple, look at it! That’s right its just a sweet looking bag. The boys at Vertx chose to avoid the HGTV sand colorway and instead outfitted it with looks straight out of Batman’s closet. The lightest color the EDC Courier is offered in besides uber black or uber black with red trim is an extremely dark grey. Point being, this bag screams masculinity in every available choice its offered in.

VERTX EDC Courier Bag

VERTX EDC Courier Bag


I’ve had the EDC Courier for well over 4 months now and as much as I’d like to find something wrong with it, I can’t. I’ve already done a bunch of testing with it to see if it’ll stand up to what I can reasonably expect to encounter in a day to day scenario. With that being said, yes I’ve shot a Barret 50 Cal at it! All jokes aside, the bag is tougher than a $2 steak and the Cordura construction has exceeded my expectations. I know it may sound as if this is some sort of paid article by Vertx but there really isn’t anything bad that I could say about it and trust me I’ve tried really hard to not like it.


Now that I got my personal feelings out of the way, let me break down some of the features of the EDC Courier:

-Perfectly sized to fit a 15 inch laptop in addition to a full sized pistol

-Velcro loop lining on interior compartments allows for a myriad of carry options

-Sneaky convertible reinforced front flap stows away to reveal MOLLE field

-Insert compatible reinforced internal pocket

-1919 modular webbing on shoulder strap gives you nearly endless attachment options

-Large reinforced top carry handle

-Ergonomic pull handle with optional name label and loop on main zipper

-Smaller interior pockets for your EDC essentials

Expanding Compartment for Additional Storage Options

Expanding Compartment for Additional Storage Options


Main Interior Compartment-Top View

Main Interior Compartment-Top View



Concealed Carry /Laptop Compartment

Concealed Carry /Laptop Compartment


Interested in picking up Vertx’s EDC Courier? Click here to learn more.

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