Brite Strike Perimeter Infrared Intruder Security Alert Systems: Battlefield Protection for the Modern Soldier

Awareness is key to keeping safe in dangerous situations, which is why Brite Strike Technologies designs products that give soldiers and police officers the best chance at knowing about potential dangers before they occur. As their products are designed for use in life and death situations, Brite Strike uses the latest technology and best materials for extreme durability and consistent performance.

A recent addition from Brite Strike to our stores is the Brite Strike PIISA Perimeter Infrared Intruder Security Alert System. The perimeter alarm was designed for use on modern battlefields, where soldiers must defend themselves from multiple angles from multiple types of threats. The Brite Strike Perimeter Alarm features a 135 decibel alarm and strobing infrared light to disorient intruders without causing injury. The disorientation intruders experience gives soldiers extra time to evaluate the level of threat, which is crucial in situations where a civilian may wander into the line of fire.

The Brite Strike PIISA is low cost but effective, and it can be set up quickly and quietly, which is extremely important for most military operations. The alarm acts as a force multiplier, enhancing the effectiveness of a military unit by allowing soldiers to focus on other tasks while the perimeter is covered.

With great options such as the Perimeter Infrared Intruder Alert System, Brite Strike’s line of security products give law enforcement and soldiers the tools they need to keep themselves safe.

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