Stay Protected from the Swine Flu with a Flu Mask

swine flu mask

Wearing a face mask tells those around you that health, yours as well as others, is a number one priority.  OpticsPlanet keeps that in mind at all times, and provides many different safety products for your protection.  With the recent outbreak of different influenza strains, it is important now more than ever to keep your hands and face clean and far from bacteria.  You have purchased a Tipton gun vise and a dozen cleaning kits for your firearms, why not make a safe investment in your own cleanliness and hygiene? cares about its customers and always has you covered with the best way to make sure your air is disease-free.
The swine flu is avoidable, as is any other pandemic that has graced our shores.  With protection like a Kimberley Clark Surgical Face Mask, you can rest assured that any contaminating entities that may be lurking around the corner will not affect your health.  Your bloodstream while stay infection free due to the BICOSOF* inner facing, granting 99% filtration up to a tenth of a micrometer!  Now that is safety that you can rely on.  The technology of lab safety apparel meets real life application.  Flu masks like the swine flu mask negate the passage of airborne microbes into your body when around groups of people.  Some surgical masks, like the VWR Critical Cover AlphaAir Mask, come with tie loops or elastic.  Either way you are going to be comfortable, and most importantly, safe in your lab mask.
OpticsPlanet is paving the way for the optics industry, and also has a firm hold on the lab equipment sector.  Keep a clean bill of health with safety products from our store.  For more medical equipment or laboratory equipment, visit our sister site at and understand how serious we are about your health. 

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