Bushnell Weather FX – Advanced Satellite Forecasting

The Weather FX 7 Day Forecaster from Bushnell offers accurate, real time weather reports and forecasts directly to you – wherever you may be. The Weather FX 7 can be easily programmed to provide detailed weather information for over 150 U.S. locations, so you are free to travel with the confidence that you won’t be surprised by today’s often unreliable weather patterns.

The Weather FX 7 relies on the popular AccuWeather service to download precise and up to date weather information for your area without the need for external sensors, additional software installations, or subscriptions. Take your Weather FX 7 unit with you on your next road trip and never be surprised by changing weather again!

The Weather FX 7 unit utilizes advanced satellite technology to stay connected to the AccuWeather service at all times. You’ll never have to worry about adjusting the clock on this unit as communication with the satellite ensures total accuracy at all times. The attractive LED backlight provides bright illumination and ensures superior readability at a glance. With the Weather FX 7 you can rely on receiving critical sever weather alerts, as well as useful air quality, UV index, and allergy alerts.

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