Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Trail Camera Accessory – You Need This

The Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 Trail Camera Accessory is the one piece of gear that any Cuddeback Trail Camera owner absolutely needs. The X2 Viewer allows you to quickly gather the myriad amount of intelligence that you’ve been gathering with your Trail Cameras. In fact, any trail camera using an SD Memory Card is compatible with the Cuddeback X2 Viewer.

There’s no question that trail cameras are an extremely important tool in ensuring hunting success each year. By identifying active trails and areas, you will be able to use your time more efficiently when you head out on a hunt. With a trail camera, you won’t waste time in low-traffic or no-traffic areas – you can make sure you are exactly where your prey is naturally. But the biggest problem with trail cameras is that you set them up, they take photos, and then you have to go out, grab the memory cards, bring them home, and check out the photos. Or some of the more expensive units will have a viewing screen on them, but they can be small/low resolution. With the Cuddeview X2 Trail Camera Accessory that problem is solved. Cuddeback thought it through, and launched the X2 SD Card Viewer to solve this problem. You can move from camera to camera, loading up your trail camera photos with your X2, finding out what you need to know and then moving on to the next one. If you need more information, you can just pop that memory card back in and move on to your next camera.

If you want to view your photos at home, no problem! The Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 comes with TV Cables, so you can hook your viewer right up to your TV to flip right through them. Whether you want to share your photos with friends or just want to see everything on a bigger screen, the X2 Viewer has got you covered. Now what if you want to keep your trail camera memory cards in the trail cameras, but still want to bring home the photos too? Cuddeback’s got you covered! 2 SD card slots allow you to copy from your trail camera’s card to another card which you can take home. You can then copy them to your PC/Computer, and then you’ve got room for more photos! At its current price, the X2 is an absolute steal. My recommendation: buy now. Don’t wait.

You can find the Cuddeback Cuddeview X2 3150 and tons of other great hunting gear at Optics Planet.

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