OpticsPlanet, Aimpoint, and the NRA Promote Safety and Savings


OpticsPlanet is always looking for ways to help our loyal customers save their hard-earned money, and Aimpoint is joining in the fight for savings by supporting quality firearm education.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been providing knowledge and training about the proper use of firearms since 1871, and now those that have committed to teaching their respective communities are being rewarded with huge savings on Aimpoint Red Dot Sights and Aimpoint Red Dot Accessories.
The Aimpoint 2009 NRA Certified Instructors Program, a promotion from OpticsPlanet, allows for the purchase of Aim-Point products and Aimpoint accessories at a reduced price.  That means when you rely on Aimpoint to demonstrate the correct red dot sight mounting technique or teaching about riflescopes, you are saving lives as well as money.  NRA instructors involved in any of the 11 highly specialized fields are eligible for these great savings.  OpticsPlanet knows that the service these instructors provide is invaluable and warrants special attention.  On top of the savings, a portion of your purchase will go to an endowment fund for youth shooting development.  So go ahead, pick an Aim Point 9000SC Red Dot, or even the Brilliance Award-winning Micro T-1 Red Dot Sight.  You underwent the rigorous training, now reap the benefits.
OpticsPlanet appreciates NRA trainers for making shooting a safer, more exciting sport.  Together with Aim-Point, the NRA is fostering an active community built on the foundation of responsible gun handling.  The Aimpoint 2009 National Rifle Association Certified Instructors Program is OpticsPlanet’s way of saying thank you.     

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