The Burris Shotcam: Video Evidence from Burris Tactical

Burris Shotcam

The next time action happens, relive the moment with a ShotCam from Burris.  Have you ever experienced a thrilling hunt, or a brilliantly planned surge into an enemy base?  Have you saved your brigade from a bum rush of attackers with pinpoint accuracy and excellent execution?  Those moments are what law enforcement professionals and military personnel live for, and such action deserves to be relayed and detailed through more than just words and emotions. It is not every day that a video camcorder can be present during situations like this, but now the arena has changed.

The Burris ShotCam can record every frame of that very moment where all of your rigorous training came into play.  The moment you unsheathe the Shot Cam from your holster, it automatically begins recording crystal clear digital video and audio of your highlighting engagement.  Every visual detail, sound, and reaction is documented for later analysis and critique.  Not only does the Burris accessory provide possible training video, it also protects the liability of the personnel at hand.  The encrypted video can be used as evidence to support the actions of the man or woman behind the gun, further justifying their governing instinct. If adversaries succeed in escaping, then the Shotcam makes sure that they are later identified and brought to justice.  Burris tactical made sure that even after unmounted from a weapon, the gun accessory remains recording. 

Burris Optics provides weapons trainers a whole new platform from which to educate and demonstrate handling and skilled shooting. Using the recoil-activated still photographs, a trainer can better assess a shooter’s posture at the precise moment of fire. On a computer, the trainer can then show the shooter the effects of proper or improper shot execution. 

Powered with an ultra-bright LED tactical illuminator, the Shotcam flashlight provides over three hours of 120 lumen bright light.  The camera is a surprising 3.2 Megapixels and can be operated manually or upon firing.  The Shotcam also has the ability to be paired with its glock holster and the Burris Tri-Rail mount to complete your ultimate setup.  If you need it, has it.  Stay tuned to OpticsPlanet Blog for more on Burris riflescopes, Burris binoculars, and more.

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