NRA 2014 – “RedRing… Me Up!”

Last week the OpticsPlanet team piled in a van and took off headed south to Indianapolis for the 2014 NRA show. The show was everything that was advertised, housing 9 acres of guns and gear. People came from all over the world to attend this show and the exhibitors were ready to showcase themselves. Attendance seemed high as the crowds of people began to show up on Friday and Saturday, and before you knew it the entire convention center was a mass of humans slowly moving throughout the show stopping for whatever or whoever caught their eye. I was certainly one of these drifters aimlessly wondering the show like a kid in a toy store, then a red dot sight stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to know more about this new product.


Ring @ 20 constant yds Helps determine distance

Working for an optics company I have to admit it takes something special to get me excited when it comes to an aiming device for a gun. I have been around the block a time or two, and have tested and written about some of the best optics money can buy. But it’s been quite awhile since I’ve come across a product that I so badly wanted to mount up and hit the field with. To make it even more interesting, this particular product is an electronic device that’s meant for my old shotgun, which has never required anything more than my trusty front bead. 

The all new RedRing Shotgun Sight by RedRing is as innovative as it is easy to use. This sight actually has a built in processor and allows the shooter to operate with both eyes open without any eye dominance issues. The circle that appears in the sight is alternating, and self-adjusting brightness levels indicates exactly where the shot will hit. This is truly far more than a simple red-dot sight!

Low Mount with Recoil Reduction

Sleek And Fiting!

With the reticles circle shape it permits the hunter to know exactly when the quarry is within the shot pattern leading to better hits and more ethical shots. The reticle self-adjusts to changing light conditions -meaning that adjustments between woods and fields are automatic and immediate. You can even customize the brightness and settings to your personal liking and lock them in so every time you use the gun it will be just where you want it.

What makes this sight really unique is the fact that it’s so simple and intuitive it can make a novice shooter look like they have years of experience under their belt. Like a video game, it really comes down to timing. You simply wait for your target’s kill zone or clay pigeon to enter the circle, press the trigger and lights out. There’s no guessing or reactive shooting besides circling the target when within range and placing the correct lead. To see how it works visit and select the “shot simulator”. This will allow you to see what operating this sight is really like! This is one very technologically advanced aiming apparratus that really simplifies the shooting process.

Hunting & Tactical Use

Pump, Over Under, Bull Pup, RedRing is Ready!

The circle reticle also helps the hunter decide how far out the game is. Through the constant 20 yard circle judging the distance of the animal as it relates to filling in the circle provides a clear idea of distance and appropriate shot placement. Knowing the effective range and kill zone of the gun and shot you are using combined with a RedRing will lead to greater and far more accurate clean hits.

If it Circles Its a Hit!

Eye Dominance Free!

With installation as simple as tightening a few screws on a mount between the rib of the gun, and requiring almost zero calibration, the RedRing is ready to rock and roll and can quickly and easily be moved from gun to gun, and up and down the rib until the perfect distance is felt by the individual shooter. With a sleek and extremely lightweight design, you and your gun will not know the difference (except for the increase in birds and clays on the ground).

Alex P

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