Cuddeback Scouting Trail Camera – Plan Your Hunt

The Scouting Trail Camera Capture IR 1132 from Cuddeback is the latest and greatest trail camera model from the best manufacturer in the industry. The IR 1132 possesses a wide range of features that make it the obvious choice for all of your scouting needs.

The IR 1132 Scouting Trail Camera builds on all of the great features of the popular Cuddeback Capture line. It is extremely easy to set up and use as it utilizes Cuddeback‘s unique rotary switch programming system. The Hair Trigger Technology included with the IR 1132 allows for picture captures in as fast as 1/3 of a second after sensing movement – an improvement that makes this model more than twice as fast as previous Cuddeback Trail Cameras! This means you’ll be guaranteed to get a good clear shot of anything that moves in front of your trail camera.

With its onboard 1.3 mega pixel infrared camera, the IR 1132 is equipped to snap high quality night pictures without a flash so the deer or other game you are scouting won’t be spooked. The infra-red camera is a great feature that will help you get a better sense of the frequency of animal visits to your scouting area, as they won’t be frightened away by bright camera flashes. During the day, the IR 1132 will automatically revert to the regular 3.0 mega pixel full color camera you’ve come to know and love from previous Cuddeback models.

The battery life on the Cudddeback IR 1132 is greatly improved as well. You can expect to get up to 2,000 pictures out of a single load of batteries. And with the available delay settings (30 seconds to 30 minutes) you can easily set the trail camera to space out the images it snaps. All in all, the IR 1132 is such a great hunting accessory you’ll wonder how you ever planned a hunt without one.

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