Swarovski 70002 Range Finder – Great Savings Available Now!

The Swarovski Optik Laser Guide 8×30 laser range finders are a best in class range finding option for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Equipped with the latest in cutting edge laser range finding technology, the Swarovski Laser Guide offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

When hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and military operators across the globe hear the name Swarovski Optik, they immediately think “quality” – and that is exactly what is delivered by the Laser Guide Range Finder system. This model can do it all. Low light conditions? No problem. The Laser Guide is equipped with superior light gathering capabilities. Poor weather conditions? Same story – the Laser Guide can give accurate measurements over large distances in even the most inclement weather.

With an accurate range of up to 1500 yards (meter measurement settings are included), the Laser Guide is a perfect choice for hunters that are stalking big game from long distances. Using this range finder allows the hunter to accurately measure and calculate the shot, leading to a greatly increased chance of taking down the target.

Some of the best and most practical features of the Swarovski Laser Guide Range Finder are its rugged durability. The Laser Guide is fully waterproof – not “water resistant”, waterproof! – to a depth of up to 13 feet. This is really key for long treks in the wilderness – no one wants to worry about dropping an expensive piece of equipment in a puddle or pond and ruining it. Worry no more. Speaking of accidental drops, the rugged construction of each Laser Guide range finder will protect it and its sensitive optics from impact damage.

Check out the Laser Guide 70002 from Swarovski Optik today at www.OpticsPlanet.com – your online source for great deals on everything optical.

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