New Armasight Night Vision Goggles and Scopes from SHOT Show!

Check out our Armasight SHOT Show Video!  We will soon be carrying this great brand of night vision devices, and they showed off a number of their great new models at this year’s SHOT Show!  You should really watch the video above, but let me give you a quick rundown of the night vision units they displayed.

Vega Gen 1 Night Vision Goggle: This highly adaptable Night Vision Goggle can be used with or without headgear, and the lenses can be swapped out to allow for various distances.  We are super excited to see this awesome new product!

SPARK Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular: The new tech in this NV monocular is pretty cool, as it is able to give Generation 2 image quality while costing the same as a Generation 1 NV monocular.  The CORE technology is really cool and should allow for a great deal of versatility for the device without breaking the bank.

SIRIUS Gen. 2+: Night Vision: Another NV Device with a lot of versatility is the SIRIUS.  It gives better than Generation 2 NV quality, and it can be mounted on headgear, held in your hand, rail-mounted on a gun and more for a wide variety of applications.  With all these great uses it’s also very economical, as it will run for about $1500.

CO-MINI Gen 2+: I like how Armasight’s Gary Tarakonov gives a bit of the history behind these cool co-witness night vision scopes.  As many soldiers prefer to keep their daytime rifle scope mounted on their rifle at all times, rather than developing a second scope that would replace the one soldiers are comfortable with the Army instead developed a system to allow the night vision to be mounted in front of the normal scope.  The CO-MINI Gen 2+ Night Vision work in this way, with a number of great new options.  These are really small and lightweight too, which is going to be awesome for a lot of shooters.  You can also see from the video how excited Trevor is to see a wireless on/off remote for a clip on night vision device.  Very, very cool.

There’s a lot more cool info in the Armasight Night Vision SHOT Show Video above, so be sure to check it out, and stay tuned to GearExpert and OpticsPlanet for more news on Armasight!

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  1. Ron g says:

    When and where can one purchase the Sirius gen 2 for around the 1500.00 dollars?

  2. […] to OpticsPlanet, and we are really excited to have them.  In fact, we’ve been excited since SHOT Show, where we got to talk to their representative and check out a few of their Night Vision devices. […]

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