Bianchi & Safariland Concealed Carry Holsters from SHOT Show!

Bianchi and Safariland are two of the premiere holster manufacturers in the world, but many people don’t know that they actually work together quite often to bring the best new features to the market.  While they are technically part of the same company, each brand has their own unique take on what you need from a holster.  That said, when one brand comes up with a great new feature, it often finds its way into options from the other brand.  Regardless of your preference for Bianchi or Safariland, you’ll want to take a look at our Bianchi SHOT Show Video for great info on the latest concealed carry holsters that will be coming out in 2012.

Bianchi Illusion Combine Materials for a Unique New Holster

The new Bianchi Illusion Holsters have taken the best of two worlds, leather and synthetic holsters, and brought them together for an amazing new line that’s better than either individually.  It’s kinda like peanut butter and chocolate.  Each is phenomenal on their own, but when brought together the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  The Bianchi Illusion is a leather holster, but on the inside there is a synthetic material for added features.  The look and feel of models like the Bianchi 125 Consent or the Bianchi 130 Classified is leather, with that classic style and comfortable feel, but they have a retention detente with an audible click to let you know your handgun is fully holstered.  The draw and reholstering is also a bit smoother than with many leather holsters.  The 130 Classified has all the features of the 125 Consent but with an added thumb break.

One more concealed option from Bianchi is the Bianchi 135 Suppression, which has the awesome features of the 130 and 125, but it’s a tuckable holster for greater concealment.  As it’s tuckable, Bianchi wanted to improve the comfort level, so the skin-facing side of the holster is made of a anti-microbial mesh and foam for comfort and hygiene.  This is going to make it way more comfortable and fight bacteria, which anyone who has worn a belt for months is going to really appreciate.

The Safariland ALS Holster with a Brand New Finish

The Safariland ALS Holster is already super popular, but there have been a number of shooters who want a new aesthetic on this hard shelled holster.  These still have all the awesome features of the regular ALS Holsters, but it has a Cordura finish, which allows Safariland to put multi-cam, ranger green and more patterns to the holster for a wider variety of styles.

All in all, Safariland and Bianchi showed off some awesome new concealed carry holsters at SHOT Show this year, so be sure to check out the video above, and stay tuned because I’m going to post another Safariland SHOT Show Video in a little bit that showcases some of their great new competition holsters and belts.  You wont’ want to miss it!

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    When and where can one purchase the Sirius gen 2 for around the 1500.00 dollars?

  2. […] to OpticsPlanet, and we are really excited to have them.  In fact, we’ve been excited since SHOT Show, where we got to talk to their representative and check out a few of their Night Vision devices. […]

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