Safariland Competition Holsters & Belts from SHOT Show – Safariland 014, 032 ELS & More!

There are a ton of awesome features that Safariland Competition Holsters have that most holsters do not, and you can learn all about them in our new Safariland SHOT Show Video!  Alessandro talks with James Dawson from Safariland about the great new holster options that are coming out in 2012!

Safariland Model 014 Competition Shooting Holster

There are a few unique features on the Safariland 014 Holster.  First, it is extremely customizable.  Every shooter is different, and the 4-access control point allows you to adjust the cant of the holster to the exact angle you prefer.  The barrel length is also adjustable, so it will accommodate a number of different guns, though it was primarily designed with 1911-style guns in mind.  It’s a really interesting looking holster, and you can see just by looking at it how useful it will be in a competition.

Safariland Model 032 ELS Competition Belt

For yet another incredibly adjustable competition weapon accessory, check out the Safariland 032 ELS Belt.  There are a number of ways to customize this belt.  First, there are holes all around the belt.  This way you can put your holster, mag pouches and more where ever you want.  As it’s name implies, the Safariland 032 ELS Belt uses their ELS system, which is awesome as it allows you to use the belt for multiple types of competitions.  You can put Safariland ELS plates on the belt really simply, and attach a holster for a handgun, AR-15 mag pouches, or shotgun shell holders on there.  This is huge for competition shooters that compete with more than one firearm.  One belt will satisfy multiple needs.  Very cool, and a big money saver.

The Safariland Holsters SHOT Show Video above is super informative, and showcases some of the best new products from SHOT Show.  Check it out and be sure to take a look at all the great Safariland Gear at!

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3 Responses to Safariland Competition Holsters & Belts from SHOT Show – Safariland 014, 032 ELS & More!

  1. june says:

    It’s fantastic i like it but how much the complete set i like the red one and how many mag pouch this fit’s to glock 19. I’m from Sydney,Australia. Thank you n more powe.

  2. Koolhed says:

    Thjs story is from February. It’s presently late August and I still don’t see the 014 listed here for sale.


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