Exclusive Celestron Spotting Scopes and Telescopes Return!

One of our absolute favorite brands is Celestron.  Even if you don’t love hunting, birding, nature observation or astronomy you’ve likely heard of Celestron before, and for good reason.  Over the years they’ve become legendary for their ability to blend quality and affordable prices.  Many people go from totally green astronomers to world-class stargazers with Celestron glass.  There are great options for beginner and advanced users so there’s no reason to switch.

Because of our great affection for Celestron we started working with them a few years back on exclusive packages of some of their best products.  Take the Powerseeker 80E Refractor Telescope Package (pictured above).  This is a phenomenal telescope for those who want to take a closer look at the stars in their spare time.  The glass and construction are outstanding.  But one thing that was missing originally was a motor drive so we worked with Celestron to bring you our Celestron Powerseeker 80E Telescope Package, which includes both items at a fantastic price!  The motor helps you track objects without all the fine tuning for a great view.  This is great for any astronomer, but really comes in handy for beginners.

Celestron Ultima 80 with Tripod

Celestron Ultima 80 with Tripod

We also have the Celestron Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope Package that combines the ultra-popular Ultima 80 Spotting Scope with an especially sturdy tripod so you have everything you need for a great view!  You really can’t use a spotting scope very well without a tripod, so we wanted to make sure you had a complete package right away for your next hunt.

Celestron Maksutov Telescope

Celestron Maksutov Telescope

The Celestron 90mm Maksutov Spotting Scope Package also combines a great spotting scope with a tripod, but the larger objective lens and more powerful magnification make this scope better for on-the-go astronomy than hunting (though you can take a really good look at game through this scope too!).

These exclusive Celestron Optics are so popular we have trouble keeping them in stock, but fortunately we’ve just received a big shipment so you don’t have to wait to get your hands on some of the world’s best glass for hunting and astronomy!  If you’ve been holding off on buying a great spotting scope or telescope then wait no longer.  Check out our Exclusive Celestron Spotting Scopes and Telescopes at OpticsPlanet.com today!

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