Make the Canon D20 or S100 Your Dedicated Camera of Choice!

These days, it seems like everyone has a camera in their pocket.  So many cell phones come equipped with a digital camera, including my dear, sweet mother’s.  She doesn’t know how to use her’s, but when she recently upgraded her phone it was included.  Like so many of you, she now has a camera close at hand all the time.  Because of this, many people forget why it’s still a good idea to have a device that’s dedicated to taking quality photos.

Canon is one of the world’s most famous and popular camera brands.  I imagine every one of you has heard of them.  I’m sure you’ve all seen a photo taken with one of their cameras.  So why would you want one of their cameras if there’s one on your phone?

First, a device that’s dedicated to a single pursuit is almost always better at its particular function than devices that do a number of things.  I own an electric grill with interchangeable plates.  Some plates are for grilling hot dogs, others are for making a perfect panini and yet another set is for making waffles.  Half the reason I bought it is because I’m a waffle fiend and wanted to save space.  I can say that it makes some of the worst waffles I’ve ever had.  They don’t cook evenly, and I’m constantly frustrated by the so-called versatility of this machine.

The same thing happens when I take a photo with my phone.  Some pics don’t turn out half bad, but the others are blurry or heavily shadowed.  On top of that, while I think my phone is pretty tough, it’s not built to take a real beating.  It’s good for everyday uses, but not climbing mountains or swimming.

The Canon D20 has a nice big screen and easy to push buttons: perfect for when you're wearing gloves!

The Canon D20 has a nice big screen and easy to push buttons: perfect for when you’re wearing gloves!

Canon has some fantastic cameras that have the kind of portability that’s essential to an active user, but also far higher image quality that you can get from a smart phone.  The Canon D20 Digital Camera is a great example.  It was built for adventurers.  It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, pouch or backpack, but it’s also has buttons that are big enough for you to use when wearing gloves or if you’re running around and don’t have time to stop, find the button, and press it.  It might seem like this only takes a second, but if you’re taking action shots you might not know when that perfect moment will present itself, so having a camera that you can fish out of your pocket quickly and easily is a must.  Add in the fact that the Canon D20 is waterproof up to 33 feet and you have a camera that’s way tougher than your cell phone.

But having a camera like the Canon D20 is about more than just toughness.  Picture quality is also a big factor.  The D20 is a 12.1 Megapixel Camera.  That means you’ll enjoy a far sharper image than with your phone.  When you’re taking a truly spectacular shot, say from the top of a mountain peak or off the side of a boat in the Caribbean as dolphins swim by you’ll really appreciate that image quality.  You can even shoot full HD video when capturing a memorable moment!

The Canon S100 PowerShot provides greater image control

The Canon S100 PowerShot provides greater image control than the D20 at the cost of less durability.

If you’re less concerned with durability and more interested in image quality and camera features, you should take a look at the Canon S100 instead.  It also takes 12.1 Megapixel photos, but you have more control over focus and how you approach lighting conditions.  It’s great for an amateur looking to take some beautiful shots, but if you’re a pro the many features and great quality really skyrocket this camera in terms of functionality.

There are a number of different digital cameras from Canon, each offering a different twist with their own unique functionality.  Canon is well-known for this quality, and no doubt they’ll continue to impress and amaze people in the future as their cameras continue to outshine what the phone in your pocket can achieve.

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