• FLIR offers today’s hottest selling infrared thermal cameras

    Jun 11 • News • 2041

    OpticsPlanet is excited to welcome a new addition to our night vision section, thermal imaging cameras by FLIR. FLIR Systems is one of the world leaders in thermal imaging systems.

    We offer a low cost, lightweight thermal imager packed with excellent features that make it the right choice for law enforcement. Nighttime pursuits and searches are difficult as lighting is limited. The FLIR ThermoVision FlashSight allows you to see in total darkness, fog, smoke, and even in the most obscurities.

    The FLIR ThermoVision ThermoSight is especially designed for military special operation units. The Thermo Sight can be used as both a pocket scope and a weapon-mounted sight. Enjoy the numerous benefits of the number of great features, like: dual use, selectable silent mode, image capture, and more.

    Another Great pick for law enforcement personnel is the FLIR Patrol IR Thermal Night Vision Viewer, now offered at a low cost, with compact pan and tilt. The Patrol IR is essential for patrol vehicles that do not want to disclose their location, especially in total darkness. The FLIR Thermal Viewer makes it impossible for a suspect to camouflage their heat.

    Although we offer a few products as of now, we are working hard to add the full product line in the near future.

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  • Zeiss DC 4 digital camera eyepiece

    May 31 • News • 2497

    Is it a digital camera or is it an eyepiece? It’s both! That’s Zeiss’s new approach to digiscoping and it looks promising. Just stick the Zeiss DC4 digital camera eyepiece in your Zeiss Diascope spotting scope and start digiscoping.

    We haven’t been able to get on hands on one yet, but the DC4 is an interesting concept. The conventional way to digiscope is to mount a standard point and shoot digital camera, via an adapter, over the eyepiece of nearly any spotting scope and start taking pictures. This describes 99% + of digiscoping, today.

    As a digiscoping alternative, some manufacturers have tried building a camera into the spotting scope, but sales and consumer response have been limited. The problem with this approach is that it limits the versatility of your system. You don’t get a full blown spotting scope with typical spotting scope magnification and other features and you’re stuck with the camera even when you don’t want one. Then, too, having a camera on board your scope reduces your typical lifetime spotting scope warranty to a year or two because of the electronics. An example of this approach is the now defunct Kowa TD1. No one ever criticized the quality of this unit – it was typical Kowa all the way – but it came up short as a high performance spotting scope.

    Zeiss appears to have side-stepped this issue with the DC4. Remove the DC4 and you are back to your standard Zeiss Diascope. Will it work? Will it sell? Only time will tell. If it does, you may see the idea spread. Stay tuned.

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  • Pack-up Brunton Camping supplies for a weekend of fresh air and nature

    May 30 • News • 2109

    The summer weather is upon us. Flowers are blooming, the trees gave way to all the green leaves, the grass is vivid green, and the bright sun brings days of warmth and happiness. All this beauty outside makes you wish you can drop all the stress in your life and take a weekend off in a beautiful forest preserve or along the shore of a lake, river, or ocean. In order to get the best experience out of a camping trip you’ll need good-quality equipment that won’t let you down and will help you enjoy yourself to the maximum.

    You’ll be relieved to know that we have taken the step in finding the great quality camping gear, Brunton‘s high-end, high-tech family camping equipment. Check out the world’s brightest camping lanterns, cooking tools and utensils, camping stoves like the burner stove, camping cookware, Wind River Range, grills, and much more!

    Please, visit our Brunton Camping Supplies page soon for the full product line.

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  • Magnification in astronomy

    May 28 • News • 2265

    The idea that you can make deep-sky (faint objects) more visible by increasing magnification (and decreasing exit pupil) has been circulating for sometime. The idea is that increasing magnification will darken the sky background, thereby making faint objects stand out more. How much truth is there to this notion?

    In my experience, it does work – sometimes. In other words, it is like many other observing techniques. It works, but not all of the time. There are simply too many variables in observing for a one-size fits all approach.

    I’ve had my best luck with this when observing with large telescopes. Large apertures give you more light to work with and using a telescope gives you access to many different magnification and eyepiece options. Typically, I’ve found there will be one combination of magnification and telescope aperture that gives the “best” contrast between the sky background and the object and that, true to form, this is sometimes at surprisingly high magnifications. Of course, this is sometimes at lower magnifications, too. It depends on so many things – the type of object, it’s magnitude, your telescope, your eyepieces, your skill as an observer and, perhaps most importantly, observing conditions. We all know those change night by night and even hour by hour. Then, too, what constitutes “best” in terms of contrast is largely subjective. It’s as much your call as much as it is the next observer’s.

    Tomorrow, I will look at this notion of increasing magnification to darken sky background and apply it to binoculars.


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  • Meade mySKY GPS System- a Sky Tracking GPS & your personal Space Tour Guide

    May 25 • News • 2235

    Lately, there have been a lot of buzz around the office. We have finally got our hands on the new Meade mySKY Space Exploration Guide Device and let me tell you, many, many have been eager to try one of these out. Why not? If we’re going to be selling one of the new gps sky guides, a relatively new idea, why not get a taste and feel of what these are made of. Our product specialists couldn’t wait to take the mySKY GPS Device home and put them through all kinds of tests: from our jaded astronomers to our grizzled personal firearms expert. After hours of tests on various constellations, stars, and planets, our astronomy guru concluded:

    As far as additional information on objects, the MySky is definitely a winner. It could keep you entertained for hours with all the excellent additional information on objects and astronomy in general. The MySky definitely gets the nod here.

    After a night of testing under a stormy sky, our firearms specialist derived that:

    It’s [Meade mySKY GPS Device] so easy to use, anyone can do it, even a techno-challenged person like me. I’ve always wanted to know what a few of the regular night lights were, either stars or planets. With the descriptions given to me by My Sky, now I’ll know.

    Of course, we wanted some feedback from let’s say the ‘average consumer’ and gave other employees a chance to test this item. The end result? They are all thrilled and even wanted another night under the stars with the mySKY. Meade my SKY not only appeals to astronomy enthusiasts but the general public as well. In addition to being a great educational tool, Meade Sky Exploration Guide definetely deserves a place under your recreational activities. As one of our marketing analysts said, “It is one of the most unique date ideas that you just can’t wait to repeat over and over again!”

    Preorder your Meade mySKY today and in no-time you will know the celestial charts better than the back of your hand.

    To read a full review written by our firearms expert please visit the following page.

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