Trying out the ATN Aries Night Vision Scope

Looking to experiment with a new Night Vision Riflescope? Then your best bet is the ATN Aries MK390. This ATN rifle scope is perfect for people new to night vision technology. I had a chance to play around with this recently and was very pleased with the performance. It’s very easy to use, the battery lasts a good long time and I had no problems seeing what I was targeting.

This ATN Scope is an Aries MK390 Paladin Generation 1 Night Vision Riflescope and it’s capable of shooting 100+ yards on medium sized game in complete darkness. Perfect for the hunter who is on a budget that doesn’t want to spend thousands on a simple night vision device. It’s at a price point that ensures the best quality in night vision optics.

It has the most powerful IR system on the market for a 1st generation night vision scope, so your target will be bright and crisp enough for you to see clearly in the dark . I had no problems mounting it to my weapon (good height for an AR-15) and was simple to learn how to operate.

This particular ATN Aries Scope has more applications than just hunting. It’s perfectly suited for law enforcement and military uses. High quality ATN construction ensures that it’s built to last, even after heavy use in the field.

I’ve had a lot of experience with ATN Night Vision products and they’ve never let me down yet. The quality of workmanship is unparalleled compared to other consumer grade night vision devices. ATN Optics are simply the best on the market. I’ve never had any problems with ATN rifle scopes and I look forward to playing around with what they have coming out next.

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