The Meade MySky – Personal Handheld GPS Navigator to the Stars

The Meade MySky PLUS Personal Sky Exploration Guide 04542 is an exciting new gadget from Meade. With Hollywood-style video content on the planets, the moon, and more, the new and improved Meade mysky is a fast, convenient, and entertaining way to explore the universe. The Interactive meade mysky gps is a point and shoot navigator to the star. Simply point the mysky handheld at a heavenly object, pull the mysky trigger, and instantly learn about over 30,000 celestial objects on the full color LCD screen. The mysky personal guide easily finds Saturn, Arcturus, and the Andromeda Galaxy in seconds. Take a tour of “tonight’s best objects.” The Meade my Sky can even be combined with your Meade computerized telescope making the Meade mySky and your meade telescope perfect compliments for the ultimate multimedia and through-the-lens stargazing experience (cable sold separately). The my sky makes learning about the universe a fun filled activity for the whole family all year long.

Learning about Astronomy is revolutionized with the meade mysky navigator. Enjoy a crisp spring evening or a warm summer night under the stars and enjoy learning about the stars with the MySky. Whether with kids, your significant other, or alone, the mysky navigator experience is intuitive and easy for all ages.

Meade, an industry leading manufacturer of telescopes, telescope accessories, and microscopes, is known for producing innovative astronomy instruments. The Meade Mysky personal navigator lives up to the Meade telescope reputation. With thousands of space objects to view, innovative point and shoot design, and automatic gps sensors, the mysky is in a class by itself. While its no replacement for a telescope, the mysky is an enjoyable and affordable astronomy tool. Available at, the meade mysky is your personal GPS Navigator to the stars.

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