ATN Night Spirit Gen 2+ Upgrades and Delivers

ATN Night Spirit Gen 2+ Upgrades and Delivers

There has never been a better time to try out the ATN Night Spirit Gen 2+ night vision monocular because now it comes standard with a 3X magnification lens. This is a significant improvement over the original specification which included only a 1X lens. Additionally, you can acquire the optional 5X lens for maximum magnification. While this modification will certainly increase the detail of what is seen, the old adage concerning Night Vision is remains true: additional magnification will not let you see farther. The reason is that NVDs project an image in front of your eyes, like a television screen. Holding a magnifying glass to a TV will let you see in more detail, but it will not let you see deeper into the picture. Do not listen to anyone that tells you otherwise; they are just trying to get you to buy.

This monocular by ATN is unusually durable, water resistant , and the dim infra-red illuminator is a nice touch for total darkness. Night vision super-magnifies a small amount of light which means there needs to be some sort of light source. When there is none, the attached infra-red serves as a nearly undetectable light source as long as you do not shine it directly into someone’s eyes. Overall, this ATN Night Vision Device is a great monocular for someone looking for a gen 2 product.

Here are a few more strengths of the ATN Night Spirit:

  • Very affordable relative to competitors
  • Camera adaptable
  • 3X lens with optional 5x lens
  • CD is included with genuinely useful information and tutorial

Keep in mind that 2nd Generation NVDs are generally used for law enforcement and other professional functions. Before purchasing this product, make sure that it fits your needs. Although Gen 1 products are less powerful than their Gen 2 counterparts, they are the most widely used Night Vision devices. You have heard the famous expression before: “The right night vision monocular for the right person!”

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