SUPERWATCHES by 5.11 Tactical

In recently speaking with our resident expert on riflescopes, shooting, military gear, et al, I was amazed at the incredibly fascinating and complex functions of 5.11 Tactical Watches. These high-functioning and attractive 5.11 watches come with the standard chronograph features, and then they take it about ten steps further with the revolutionary SureShot Ballistic Calculator, which is able to give the resolute tactician an astoundingly accurate shooting result. 5.11 partnered with long-range ballistic software makers Horus Vision to create the SureShot technology. By entering known ballistic and environmental data, the shooter can get a reading from the 5.11 Tactical Watch in MILS, TMOA, or SMOA. This sort of information would normally be very difficult to obtain, and can prove to be invaluable for individuals in extreme tactical situations. The fact that this kind of accuracy and sophisticated technology is available on your wrist is pretty darn impressive! As one would expect from the 5.11 brand, these watches are naturally extremely tough and solidly designed, available in either HRT Titanium or Stainless Steel. Other features include day, date, second time zone, alarm, countdown timer, hourly chime, unidirectional bezel, and chargeable luminescent markings. The 5.11 watches are also water resistant to 100 meters (330 ft).

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