Steiner Binoculars for All Walks of Life!

Steiner knows a heck of a lot about glass.  But the quality in their binoculars comes from more than that.  Steiner knows everything you need from a good pair of binoculars.  While they offer other types of optics, like rifle scopes and rangefinders, their bread and butter is still binos, and it shows.  Steiner Binoculars are made for almost any purpose.  If you’re a hunter, law enforcement or military professional, or boating enthusiast there’s a Steiner Bino for you.  While there are some great all-around binoculars, for the performance you really need at any particular activity you should look for specific features.  I’m going to run through a few options today for various uses, but Steiner has a ton more options to check out, so be sure to check out all Steiner Optics when you need quality glass.

Hunting and Birding with the Steiner Predator Xtremes

Steiner Predator Xtreme

The Steiner Predator Xtreme Binoculars are fantastic for hunting and birding!

I actually got to take a look and write about the Steiner Predator Xtreme 10×42 Binoculars back in July, and I was mighty impressed.  They’re a solid, dependable binocular with great lenses and lens coatings to help you track game.  The case and neck strap give you enough protection/versatility for transporting them, and the rubber-armored body was both strong and tactile for comfortable use over long periods of time.  When you need a reliable binocular for hunting, the 10×42 Predator Xtremes are tough to beat.

Steiner Predator Xtreme 8x22

The more compact Steiner Predator Xtreme 8×22 Binoculars will give you a good view without taking up a lot of extra room.

But there is a possibile contender to outperform the 10x42s, as Steiner also has the 8×22 Predator Xtremes.  The video at the top of the page is for these more compact binoculars.  While you don’t have the same magnification and won’t collect nearly as much light through the 22mm objective lenses, these binoculars are extremely compact and are much easily to run around with when they’re hanging from the neck strap.  These are great for moving fast and taking a shot at a moment’s notice.  The 8×22 Predator Xtremes are especially good for birding, as you want to be mobile and enjoying nature without hauling much extra weight.  The center focus is easy to use and comfortable to reach, and the close focus is close enough for most birdwatching.  Both Predator Xtreme Binoculars are good for the outdoorsman who wants quality for a reasonable price.

Military and Law Enforcement Steiner Binoculars


The Steiner Military R Binoculars

For tactical situations where you need extreme performance and insane durability, the Steiner Military R Binoculars will more than satisfy!

If you’re looking for a bit more from your binoculars you can step up to a Steiner Military or Law Enforcement model.  For instance, the Steiner 7×50 Military R Binocular is one serious piece of hardware.  You get a great field of view (385ft. at 1000 yards), super bright images (those 50mm objective lenses are going to collect a LOT of light, and the lens coatings make sure as much of that light as possible gets through), but the biggest thing you get from these military binoculars is durability.  You want tough?  You’ve got it.  These are combat proven binoculars and while it’s certainly possible to break them, you’ll have to work at it.  They’ll stand up to abuse better than most binoculars.

Going Boating?  Steiner Marine Binoculars will help you Find Land!

Steiner Navigator Marine Binoculars

The included compass in the Steiner Navigator Marine Binoculars makes them perfect for finding you way on land or sea!

I actually had trouble figuring out which Steiner Marine Binocular would be best to focus on.  There are quite a few good options.  I finally settled on the Steiner 7×50 Navigator Marine Binoculars w/ Compass.  There are actually two versions of this binocular, one with and one without the compass, but I like having the compass included.  If you’re in charge of navigating, a compass and map are one of the older and more trusted ways to find your way.  As you look through these waterproof binoculars to find landmarks, you can check out what direction you’re facing without having to find another piece of equipment.  The lens coatings and lenses were specifically designed for marine use, so when you have lots of glare, fog and haze to deal with the Navigator Marine Binoculars will do an exceptional job giving you a great image.  Just like you make sure to have polarized lenses in your sunglasses when you’re on a boat, you need the right binocular when you’re out to sea!

There are so many more options to pick from, but you can be sure the great glass Steiner incorporates in all their optics is going to give you a great view.  With the features specific for various activities, when you have the right type of binocular for your purpose you’ll be sure to succeed!

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