Blackhawk Level 3 Serpa Holsters are Now Light Bearing

Blackhawk Level 3 SERPA Holsters are well-known among consumers for speed and retention. Now OpticsPlanet, Inc. offers the Blackhawk Level 3 Serpa Light Bearing Duty Holster and Light Combo for tactical night operations. With outstanding retention, extremely quick draw under stress conditions and instant lock-in upon re-holstering, Level 3 SERPA Duty Holsters have an excellent design. Like many Blackhawk holsters, the Level 3 Serpa features injection molded carbon fiber composite construction, providing incredible strength while being extremely light weight. Additionally, these holsters have such a cutting-edge Stealth Fighter appearance that you will wish they were not meant to be concealed! Blackhawk Level 3 Serpa Holsters come with an optional spacer, are waterproof to 10 meters, and will last a lifetime. The Night Ops Weapon Light is useful in any low-light environment, easily installed, and features a LED bulb that will never need to be replaced. With its innovative strobe light function, the Night Op Weapon Light is completely disorienting to adversaries.
“You will not even believe how effective the strobe light is against an opponent. He absolutely will not be able to keep his balance. This is not a gimmick. This is the way of the future,” says technical sales manager and gun expert Steven K. Ledin. Ledin goes on to say, “Blackhawk tactical gear products are top-notch. They are lifetime products that are worth every cent.”
Founded in 1993 by former Navy SEAL Mike Noell, Blackhawk is serious about ops gear. Meticulous obsession mixed with quality has made Blackhawk gear the top gear for Special Operation units worldwide. Quality and innovation are paramount to Blackhawk and the Blackhawk Level 3 Serpa Light Bearing Duty Holster and Light Combo is no exception. These new Blackhawk holsters push design and technology to the limit resulting in gun holsters that will surely save lives.

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