Nikon EFR Rifle Scope Video from SHOT Show 2012!

Our final Nikon SHOT Show Video of the day shows off quite a cool new product.  Steve is yet again speaking with Jon LaCorte from Nikon, who is showcasing the Nikon EFR Rifle Scope.  EFR stands for Extended Focus Range, and it allows for a greater range of magnification, so that if you really like your Nikon EFR (and you will!) you can use it on a wide variety of rifles.  The added focus range was designed with Rimfire and Air Rifle shooting in mind.  Air Rifle competitions are often at fairly close range, and you’ll have a hard time getting a clear image at those close ranges.

In addition to the close range focusing, the Nikon EFR Scope is very tough.  As Steve points out, this is especially important for spring piston air guns because of the unique recoil you’ll experience with those guns.  The EFR can stand up to that level of recoil and keep giving you a great shot.  This new Nikon scope at SHOT Show was very cool and we look forward to trying it out when it releases in March.

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