ATN Leads the Way Towards Night Vision Brilliance

Judging has already begun for the 2009 Brilliance Awards at OpticsPlanet, and the contenders are looking strong.  One brand that paved a clear path towards dominating the night vision category was ATNATN night vision was the recipient of four Brilliance Awards for Night Vision: Best Night Vision Riflescope, Best Night Vision Binocular, Best Night Vision Goggles, and the well-respected Product of the Year award.  Defending these titles will prove to be a difficult task as the number of up-and-coming night vision devices hitting the market, yet nothing can be as bright as an ATN night.
The best night vision riflescope was the ATN Mars4x Gen.3 Weapon Scope, awarded for its insurmountable light gathering abilities.  No other Gen.3 rifle scope displays a resolution this far beyond current military standards, all while maintaining a lightweight, highly tactical feel.  This night vision scope is the culmination of a quest for technical perfection, and should be on the weapon of any front-line soldier.
The ultimate in hands-free night vision, the ATN PVS 7 Gen.3 night vision goggles are a force to be reckoned with and the winners of Best Night Vision Goggles.  Sporting generation 3 night vision technology, ATN night vision goggles have everything your troop needs to step into the fray well equipped.  When ordering from OpticsPlanet, you get an ATN PVS-7 Full U.S.Mil Spec body with goggle assembly, head-mount assembly with 3 brow pads, soft carrying case, demist shield, sacrificial filter for objective lenses, shoulder strap, lens tissue, neck cord, and front lens cap all in-box.  Nothing will stand between you and victory.
Converting your scope into a night vision scope is a breeze with the ATN PS-22 Gen.2 scope converter.  Hunting with tall scope rings is convenient and delivers unsurpassed clarity.  Its weight is a sign of power, and the PS-22 is emblematic of a precise, powerful shot. This revolutionary setup allows the shooter to go from day to night in less then 30 seconds without tools and without changes in eye relief. 
Check out the pages of OpticsPlanet to learn more about the winners that American Technologies Network Corp. has developed.  You are guaranteed to find the best price on ATN vision products such as an ATN monocular and ATN Thermal Imaging.  See our ATN Night Vision Best Price Policy and understand how we feel about these products.  Only the best for you at OpticsPlanet.

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