Belt Holsters vs. Shoulder Holsters


The decision to choose a belt holster or a shoulder holster really depends on how one plans on using it. Although these two types of holsters are the most popular methods of carrying a weapon, the best holster, depending on use, could be a different variety than the two most popular holster types. How to choose holster can be overwhelming. Consider that some of the top manufactures: Galco holsters, Fobus holsters, Blackhawk holster, Safariland holsters and Bianchi holsters make gun holsters for Law enforcement, competitive shooters, private investigators, and gun enthusiasts. Each gun owner has a dizzying array of options on how and where to holster their weapon. Some of the holster options are: ankle holsters, thigh holsters, paddle holsters, hunting holsters, shoulder holsters, belt holsters, concealed carry holsters, even western holsters and handbag holsters.

The best leather holster for a concealed weapon may not be the best holster for a law enforcement officer wearing a weapon unconcealed in a hip holster. Its best to start with the answer to some simple questions. What is the intended purpose of the holster? Are you carrying it as a concealed weapon? Depending on where you wear your weapon will depend on whether a belt holster or a shoulder holster is right for you.

For more help on choosing the right holster we recommend our complete guide on how to choose and buy gun holsters . If you have a specific question you can post a question on our Holster discussion board. Happy Holstering!

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