Hot Optics! The VholdR ContourHD Wearable HD Video Camera

VholdR HD Wearable Camera

The designers at VholdR have created a device that brings indescribable events to your TV screen. Introducing the lightest and easiest way to record outstanding outdoor activities: the VholdR ContourHD wearable video camera. The VholdR ContourHD is a compact, tactical sized HD camcorder that attaches to your helmet or goggles, capturing HD footage on the fly.  Grabbing the attention of prestigious websites such as Time, Engaget, CNN, Cnet, and more, the VholdR Contour HD is cutting edge for the cutting edge. 
When they say “prove it”, show them 16:9 widescreen.  Have the evidence to quiet the naysayers with VholdR ContourHD wearable HD video camera.  Vivid images broadcast your moment of truth without the need for a film crew. The simple operation of this HD camera gives you spectacular outdoor colors, full audio capture, a rugged, 4×4 toughness, and a wide angled lens so you aren’t missing one single thrill or spill.  Take this to the tactical arena and your firefight with the first surge can be analyzed and optimized for future engagements. Truely useful military gear. The included PC software makes for speedy uploads to your computer and the VholdR community, making you the director of your own reality series.  You are now even more in the driver’s seat towards the extreme, only with the VholdR ContourHD.   
The ContourHD will leave your boring life in the dust.  Your first backflip no-hander can be felt over and over again without leaving your sofa or grabbing your motorcycle glovesVholdR digital cameras keep you in thrill mode with incredible push-button simplicity.  After a simple laser calibration procedure, the digital camera immortalizes your highest speeds and longest gaps.  OpticsPlanet has a low price on the VholdR Digital Helmet Camera as well as the VholdR Contour HD wearable HD video camera.  Of course we have it, we are the leading internet optics retailer, and we strive to keep you updated with the hottest trends in the optics industry.  Stay tuned for more gear and more savings at OpticsPlanet.

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