ATN Javelin J125 Tactical Flashlight

The Javelin J125 Tactical Flashlight from ATN is a great lighting option for a variety of uses. It is popular in the law enforcement and military communities as it is the perfect flashlight for those long, dimly lit patrol duties. It also performs very capably in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, making it popular with the industrial contractor and outdoor enthusiast sets. Whatever you plan to use the Javelin J125 for, it is a superior high performance flashlight at a great price point – and it is available now at

The J125 halogen flashlight is compact and powerful. It is equipped with an incredibly powerful 125 lumen bulb that will dazzle you with its brightness. The fully rechargeable lithium battery on this model allows for up to three continuous hours of illumination – so you can be confident that you won’t be left in the dark. Housed in an extremely durable aircraft grade aluminum body, the Javelin flashlight is practically impervious to accidental drops and rough treatment. It is even water resistant! The J125 lens is virtually scratch and impact proof as well. All of this combines to make this flashlight model a superior option for the high-performance demands of military personnel, police and first responders, and outdoor sports enthusiasts alike.

This ATN flashlight is truly versatile. For example, you’ll never be unarmed when you carry a Javelin J125 – the sturdily constructed front end bezel doubles as a personal self defense weapon. It is also useful as a glass breaker. And it is compatible with ATN‘s Quick Draw Holster system, so you can carry this flashlight just about anywhere on your belt.

Order your Javelin J125 Tactical Flashlight today from and take advantage of our great prices and super fast shipping.

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