Streamlight Strion Flashlights – Recharge, Save Lives

Streamlight Flashlights have always been in the forefront of flashlight innovation since their inception. What other company could design the first 1 million candela power flashlight for NASA in the 1970s? The answer is no one because Streamlight Flashlights are known for their fierce independence each step of the way. From conception to implementation, other flashlights cannot hold a candle to Streamlight’s authentic designs. Pun intended.

Of particular note are Streamlight Strion Flashlights which feature spectacular luminary power in the palm of your hand. Strion Flashlights are more than just an idea; they are super-compact, untold-radiance-emitting tools against nature’s fiercest elements. Flashlights from the Streamlight Strion line feature Lithium Ion battery technology which is capable of emanating a whopping 12,000 candlepower from a 5.3 inch flashlight. If this isn’t the stuff of legends, no flashlight is.

Heroes don’t always have the benefit of daylight. Firefighters, emergency medical professionals, and officers of the law would be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate compact flashlight for their occupations when ventures into the nocturne are not elective. These heroes will greatly benefit from Stream Light Strion Flashlights because the Stream-Light Strion Flashlight boasts the necessary features to reach the apex of their occupations. Each Streamlight Strion is rechargeable up to 300 times on a wide variety of chargers and allows for 70 continuous minutes of high power luminocity. Speaking of luminocity, Streamlight Strion Flash Lights feature adjustable focus beams. Use the wide setting to survey a large area in one fell swoop or shine a concentrated beam of justice into the eyes of a perpetrator to temporarily blind and stop him dead in his tracks with blinding precision. Once neutralized, you can ask the suspect if he sees the light.
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