Innovative Military Eyewear by ESS Goggles

To most, goggles are not thought to have many features.  You put them on, they protect your eyes, and that is it.  This could be true for your average goggles and average use, but for the tactician and military buff it could not be farther from the truth.  When looking deeper into the world of military eyewear, one company takes innovation in tactical goggles to a uncharted plane of existence.
ESS Goggles are more than just heavy duty, they are tactical by definition.  ESS power packed their goggles with more features than most people can even handle, let alone expect.  An ESS goggle starts its eye-protective quest with 2.2mm polycarbonate lenses that grant 100% UV Protection.  A lateral exchange system allows for the quickest lens exchange on the fly. Also, most ESS goggles strap directly to helmets and fireman brims, negating the need for drilling.  A feature that ATV riders are particularly fond of is the Tear Off feature, which allows you to remove a plastic film from your goggles if they get covered in dirt or mud.  The result is a fresh, clear lens that is ready for more action.
ESS even takes the design process further with their ESS Profile TurboFan goggles.  An incorporated 2-speed fan keeps you lenses fog-free and battle-ready.  Fresh air is drawn in from the bottom edge, and humid air is exhausted through the top vents, what more could you ask for from ESS tactical goggles?
As you can see, ESS has been studying the needs of military and law enforcement professionals and has catered to them with some of the most rugged eye protection available.  No need to search long and far for this military gear, you can find many ESS products here at

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