The Ultimate Laptop Case: The Pelican 1510

Pelican Cases

We all know how important a laptop case is in protecting our investments, and sometimes even our careers. One slight bump to an already buggy computer can cost thousands of dollars in damages.  Why wouldn’t you want a protective case to carry your memory cards, digital cameras, or other electronicsPelican has been established as the leader in waterproof cases and other storage solutions, and with their recent acquisition of brand Storm Case, there is nothing stopping them from providing the most rugged and protective cases available.
When business requires a bit of stay in a distant place, the essentials must not stay at home.  A laptop, portable printer, charger, and other accessories can be carried without a second guess to their well-being. Pelican Cases are the most hardened cases on the market, and their Pelican 1510 seizes every opportunity to keep your belongings safe.  Accommodating notebook computers up to 14.4″ x 11.1″ x 1.7″, the Pelican Laptop Case is the last thing you will worry about when boarding a plane.  The Pelican waterproof case is revised to meet new airline standards and its lightweight-indestructibility construction keeps it at a mere 15 pounds. If you are bringing a laptop, you need the Pelican 1510LOC.  
Customize this Pelican case as you wish with its detachable computer sleeve and accessories pouches, and transport flawlessly with the retractable extension handle.  Pelican basically does it all and gives you the piece of mind you deserve.  OpticsPlanet carries Pelican Cases and Storm Cases for your next flight, find the perfect one today.

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