Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Designer Eyewear Trendsetter

Ladies RayBan Sunglasses

The summer of 2009 was a hot season for designer sunglasses.  Many different brands set out to set trends among Hollywood’s finest and watch the styles trickle down.  Ray Ban took their line of sunglasses and designer eyewear down a creative path, releasing their 2009 COLORS frames that were showstoppers at every event.  The adoption of RayBans by celebrities like John Legend and Audrey Hepburn show just how much of a fashion statement it is to wear Ray Ban sunglasses.
When thinking about mens Ray Ban sunglasses, the Aviator instantly comes to mind.  For the ladies, the Ray-Ban RB4091 Sunglasses top the charts by popularity and function.  It is so easy to think about a pair of Ray-Bans to go with any scenario.  A style that works all around the clock is the Rayban WayfarerRay Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been manufactured since 1952, and since then they have been a staple in any wardrobe and across genders. 
OpticsPlanet has unbelievable prices on all sunglasses and prescription sunglasses from Ray-Ban.  Shopping with us continues to pay off, as you can receive a Sightsavers Eyewear care kit for free with your purchase.  Eyewear is an easy way to make a statement.  Make yours with Ray Ban and OpticsPlanet.

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