BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber Holster – Advanced Material for Style and Performance

Let’s be honest: buying a holster can be tricky. There are thousands of different options on the market. You need to make sure you have the right style, material and fit for your firearm. You might want a shoulder holster, a concealed holster, a paddle holster, a belt holster… the list goes on. But for each of these styles you’ll also need to consider what you’re using the holster for. While retention is important for anyone carrying a gun, a hunter will most likely not be as concerned with takeaway protection as a police officer.
Fortunately, when you need a really high quality holster you can turn to BlackHawk. The company was founded by a former Navy SEAL who knows the many dangers associated with substandard equipment. Many BlackHawk holsters are used by law enforcement and military professionals, so they adhere to the highest standards of quality, performance and versatility.
One of their finest options is the BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber Holster. This handgun holster by BlackHawk is made of carbon fiber, which is the most advanced material used in holsters today. Carbon fiber is both lightweight and incredibly durable. It’s the same type of material that Corvette’s are made of, so you know it was designed for performance!
But there are a ton of awesome features in this BlackHawk CQC Holster. First, it can be worn on a belt or with the included paddle. I know a lot of you are forced to buy two different holsters to accommodate various situations, so having both options is especially nice. In addition, it has a retention-adjustable holster system that allows you to customize it based on your preference. The speed cut in the front allows for a quicker draw, while the slight flare on the side increases reholstering speed.
Another great aspect of the Black Hawk CQC Carbon Fiber Holster is that it was designed to be as compact as possible, so you have a full grip on your weapon before draw, and the holster can be easily covered for greater concealment. Though the material space was kept to a minimum, the trigger guard is still covered, so there’s no chance of someone grabbing at the gun and pulling the trigger. A number of injuries have been saved with that advancement over the years, and I know police officers everywhere look for a covered trigger guard when selecting a holster.
There are a number of different versions of the BlackHawk CQC, with both right- and left-handed models for a number of gun types.
Though there are a ton of possible options for almost every firearm, picking a holster shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you choose the awesome performance and design of Blackhawk. If you do have any questions be sure to contact us and one of our product specialists will help you decide which holster is right for you.

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