NEW Nikon Monarch 3 Binoculars – Advanced Optics with Rugged Dependability

Finding a pair of binoculars that provide super high level image clarity while also being tough enough to stand up to the rigors of hunting has long been a issue for hunters. This combination is difficult to find because delicate glass tends to be clearer. Getting a tough pair of binoculars with good lenses has been pretty expensive, but Nikon has just upped their game while lowering their prices.

The Nikon Monarch 3 series of binoculars are truly something special. Currently available only in select stores (including OpticsPlanet, of course), they were designed for hunters trudging through the woods in search of the perfect game. Since water is everywhere and can ruin a pair of binoculars, the Monarch 3s are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, so they are totally waterproof.

But though they’re waterproof on day one, the body needs to be tough enough to withstand punishment without letting in a leak. Well, the polycarbonate body on the Monarch 3s are crazy tough. The body was sculpted for durability and comfort, so they’re tough, and you won’t mind glassing for hours as they rest comfortably in your hand. The design also allows for long eye relief, which is a relief to users like me who wear eyeglasses. And if you want them pressed up tight to your eyes the flexible eyecups won’t irritate.

But Nikon put in all these design features for one reason: to protect the outstanding optics. Nikon binoculars use premium glass, made from the highest quality optical sand, but the Monarch 3s have more than just great lenses. The coatings on the lenses allow for extremely high light transmission, so you get a really clear, bright image. And the lenses are fully multi-coated, so the image is clear regardless of what part of the lens you look through. The high-reflectivity silver allow prisms flawlessly magnify the image before it reaches your eye. Almost no light is lost while traveling through the Monarch 3 binoculars. And that clarity is what it’s all about.

All these great features are found in both versions of the Monarch 3s we just added to our stores. The main difference between the Nikon Monarch 3 8X42 and the Nikon Monarch 3 10X42 is the magnification, which slightly alters the field of view and eye relief. Otherwise, they are two of the best pairs of binoculars available today!

Not a lot of stores are carrying the Monarch 3s from Nikon, so be sure to get yours from OpticsPlanet today!

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