The Weaver Classic V-Series offers Amazing Versatility at a Great Price!

Imagine the perfect day for hunting. Right temperature, great light, and you’re feeling good. But then you miss that prize deer or turkey because it took just a second too long to line up your shot before the animal was out of view. No one wants this to happen. Now imagine you would’ve made that shot if you had the right riflescope. Speed and versatility are incredibly important to consider when you select a riflescope.
It can be really challenging finding a scope that adjusts quickly while providing a clear image at every magnification. Many rifle scopes are great for the particular purpose for which they were designed but don’t adapt well to other circumstances. So they’ll work well at long distance in low light but not up close in the middle of a bright day. That’s why Weaver’s Classic V-Series Riflescopes are such a great option. They were designed to accommodate the needs of the widest range of hunters as possible while maintaining quality.
At low magnification, the V-Series delivers a large field of view, so when game makes an unsuspected appearance you won’t be caught looking away. A quick change to the magnification is made easy with the raised sure-grip adjustment ring, so you can go from surveying the field, waiting for that buck to show up to sighting in almost no time. The generous eye relief also gives you extra time to line up your shot, rather than line your head and eye. Any hunter can tell you that having an extra second to make the shot might mean the difference between success and failure.
Versatility may have been the prime focus when designing the V-Series of riflescopes, but Weaver didn’t skimp on durability or dependability. Each Weaver riflescope in the V-Series is waterproof, fogproof and shock proof. The solid, one-piece construction ensures each scope will last for years to come. And at reasonable prices every hunter should have a Weaver V-Series Scope on their rifle.

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