Concealed Carry Do’s and Dont’s

Now that nearly everyone in this great country finally has the right to concealed carry, there are several topics or rather do’s and dont’s that need to be addressed. This advice is solely for law abiding citizens and is not meant to be the end all be all guide for concealed carry. As always, your local law will determine what you are able to do but these guidelines should apply to pretty much everyone.

Don’t Be Overconfident. – Just because you recently picked up the latest and greatest pistol doesn’t automatically turn you into the toughest guy to walk the streets. There’s a reason you don’t see ex special forces soldiers going around banging on their chests trying to prove themselves. When you know you’re a bad a##, you don’t have to prove it to anyone.  Being overly confident has the tendency to attract trouble and the last thing you want you to do is start a fight. Unless you like to start fights and in that case you are the last person that should own a firearm.

Firearms Training

Firearms Training

Do Train Hard and Train Often. – Depending on what state you live in, you may not need training in order carry a weapon. This is a topic of much debate but in all reality, simply owning a hammer doesn’t make you the best carpenter alive and buying the nicest hammer wont do it either. It is ludicrous to think that buying a gun and shooting it a handful of times a year is all some people think is needed in order to defend oneself. If you are one of those people, do me a favor. Next time you are home alone, head to your bathroom with your pistol and make sure that it’s unloaded. Point the gun in a safe direction and field strip the gun. Now turn the shower on and set it to as cold as it will go.  Jump in the shower and count to 300, then hop out and see how well you can assemble that pistol. Chances are, you will fail at this horribly. According to many medical experts, this is the closest simulation of how your body will respond when you actually get into a gun fight.  That is why I suggest that you train with qualified instructors in order to be as proficient with your pistol as possible.

Don’t Ever Forget Where the Gun is On Your Body. – Now that you have this gun sneakily positioned somewhere on you, the movements and actions you take in your daily life need to be altered. The last thing you want to do is expose your firearm when reaching for something or when bending over.  You need to constantly be aware where the gun is and how to move with it properly, but resist the urge to place your hand over it to make sure it’s there. If you do that, it will look super obvious that you’re hiding something and that’s the last thing you want.

Get a Good Holster

Get a Good Holster

Do Get A Good Holster. – The right holster will make all the difference when carrying concealed.  I’m not going to tell you what way to carry because everyone is different and what works for my body type may not work for you. The best advice I can give you is to spend your time selecting the perfect holster. It is all too common for someone to be all gung-ho about carrying but eventually just leave the gun at home because it wasn’t comfortable. Get yourself a holster that is not only comfortable but make sure it does a good job of covering the trigger.

Don’t Draw Your Gun Unless Their Is No Other Way – Drawing your firearm is a last case scenario. Use any means necessary to deescalate the situation, either by talking your way out or backing away from a dispute. If you are backed in to a corner and feel that your life may be in jeopardy, simply presenting the firearm at a would be thief or assailant is enough to get them to stop what they are doing. Don’t draw your weapon unless there is ABSOLUTELY no other way to protect yourself. Remember if you pull that trigger everything in your life will change. Once again I’m not a lawyer so seek legal advice for the particulars in these matters.

Encounter with the Police

Encounter with the Police

Do Tell the Cop That Just Pulled You Over. – A little bit of honesty goes a long way and when dealing with a police officer, the best thing to do is be forthright in disclosing that you have a loaded gun on your person. Whether or not your state has it mandated that you must disclose this to the police, it is best to inform the officer before they unknowingly find it later. The best way to let them know that you are carrying is to hand over your drivers license, registration and carry permit at the same time. The officer will appreciate your honesty and might even let you off with a warning for your other violation.  Just to make sure things go smooth, I highly suggest you keep your hands in view during your entire interaction with him (or her).


Whether you’re carrying the latest pocket pistol or the S&W Model 29 from Dirty Harry, these tips will apply to any gun. Like I’ve said numerous times, I am not a lawyer so take what I told you into consideration but by no means neglect your local law. I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect holster and hope you seek professional firearms training so you’re ready when the time comes.


Let me know what your favorite method of carrying is in the box below! As always guys, shoot em straight and most of all be safe.



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5 Responses to Concealed Carry Do’s and Dont’s

  1. john strzelecki says:

    i live in new jersey and we do not have carry permits.only police , retired police and armed security while on duty.

  2. Thomas Kane Jr says:

    I agree with almost everything except your last point. If there is no law that requires you to disclose to law enforcement that you are carrying, don’t. When you do, you immediately change the circumstances of the traffic stop. No longer are you a run of the mill speeder, you have just become an armed suspect and possible threat.
    Being a CCW permit holder means that you are a law abiding citizen (generally speaking) so there is really no reason that the stop should escalate to the point of being frisked. Also, I’m located in the Northeast so attitudes towards firearms are different here than the Midwest or the the South.

  3. Patrick Day says:

    I have a Colorado Vest with dual pistol pockets, right or left. It also has a liner that prevents a weapon from being outlined to the world. Lastly, being up on your chest like that helps you to know that your gun is present and ready if ever truly needed without checking it throughout the day. Works with any caliber or size pistol or revolver. Hope this helps those who need it. Patrick Day.

  4. Phillip Kuntz says:

    I am a retired Marine and I carry my 45 ACP pistols any way I want too! I live in the state of Texas! I do carry 24/7. I am trained and I have skills and I don’t pity the fool that tries to harm me or my family!

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