BlackHawk Knoxx Spec Ops Adjustable Shotgun Stocks

No company has a wider selection of military-grade, top-knotch quality tactical shooting accessories than Blackhawk. Similarly, when it comes to Blackhawk Shooting Accessories, no one carries more than One of the most practical of said shooting accessories by Blackhawk is the BlackHawk Knoxx Adjustable Shotgun Stocks. If you thought the BlackHawk Knoxx shotgun stock was simply an ordinary shotgun stock, you’d have been mistaken. Underestimating the BlackHawk Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock is usually the last mistake one makes.

Instant adjustability is the first feature that stands out in this BlackHawk Tactical product. Made to be comfortably used by the shortest-armed to the longest-armed individual in your platoon, the BlackHawk Spec Ops Knoxx Shotgun stock adjusts over 4 inches completely revolutionizing one’s conception of the modern shotgun. Custom-comfort adjustability is certainly an important quality sought in a shotgun stock but recoil reduction is the most important. The SpecOps Stock is loaded with patented Knoxx recoil-reducing technology-innovation that can eliminate up to 95% of the blast felt by even the most impressive loads. Blackhawk Tactical product designers always keep precision close-to-heart. The recoil-reduction provided by the Knoxx technology will reduce flinching in anticipation of the shot causing tighter grouping during practice, and one-shot target neutralization in the field of battle.

Most seasoned shooters are concerned about shoulder fatigue and pain. Who can blame them? Blackhawk Knoxx Gun Stocks are designed to eradicate or at least greatly reduce shoulder pain associated with intensive shooting. Shoulder fatigue reduction alongside minimized muzzle rise is a deadly combination for your enemy as you will be able to fire off not simply more shots, but more accurate shots. In the heat of battle, you want your Blackhawk Stock to survive which is why the Knoxx SpecOps stock has been ruggedly constructed from “Super Tough,” weather-resistant polymer.

Why place your faith in any other shotgun stock when BlackHawk offers such a compelling option. Order yours today at

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