Galco Texas Ranger Holsters: Keep the Tradition Alive

Galco Texas Ranger Holsters are the hallmark of modern Western-style gunslingers. Whether playing cops and robbers or watching Chuck Norris’s legendary hit performances as the roundhouse kicking Walker Texas Ranger, Texas Ranger holsters have captured the imaginations of both young and old and no company makes a more authentic Texas Ranger holster than Galco. Staying true to their pioneering spirit, Galco holsters are as various as they are rugged. Quick draw, comfortable fit, and supreme leather and stitching are just some Galco trademarks you will find in Galco Ankle Holsters, Galco Classic Lite Holsters, Galco Escort Holsters, Galco Fletch Holsters, Galco Jackass Holsters, Galco Miami Classic Holsters, Galco Royal Holsters, Galco Silhouette Holsters, Galco Speed Master Holsters, and most importantly, Galco Texas Ranger Holsters. This is only a small list of the top holsters from Galco. Visit and see our Galco Holster selection to be truly amazed.

The Galco Texas Ranger Holster line features two truly classic looks that will fascinate fans of Texas Rangers for millennia. One is the powerful Galco Texas Ranger Crossdraw holster. Its counterpart, the Galco Texas Ranger Strongside Holster, is just as powerful if not more so. Regardless of which Texas Ranger Holster you adorn on your belt, know that by sporting a Galco Texas Ranger Holster, you are partaking in a Lone-Star State tradition that began in 1823 and continues to this day. These Galco holsters are available in every combination: right or left-handed, tan or black, and for a few elite firearms. These firearms include the Ruger Vaquero, Colt Single Action Army, and the Smith &Wesson N Fr. You will not find a more dependable companion on your adventures than the Galco Texas Ranger Holster so be sure to order yours today from and receive the lowest price and Free Shipping and Handling.

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