Buying a Holster: Helpful Hints from OpticsPlanet

Holsters are the one gun accessory that can really hold you back.  No matter the cost and quality of the firearm that you have chosen, if you cannot draw it with complete ease and fluidity, then all is lost.  When looking at the different types of holsters that we carry at OpticsPlanet, choosing one can be a difficult decision.  With all of the offerings from Uncle Mike’s, Galco, Fobus, and Safariland, things can get a bit hectic.  Of course, we are here with helpful hints and advice to consider when buying a holster.
Holsters need to work synergistically with your gun, so that means that the pistol holster cannot be too tight on the gun, nor too loose. When dealing with a leather holster, there needs to be some break in time to have it adjust to the contours of the holster.  Additional boning (crafting holsters to fit specific model of firearm) can be done to further perfect the fit.
Gun belts come into play when dealing with the comfort and support of your holster.  The belt is what keeps the holster positioned correctly and prevents it from fumbling around.  Regular casual belts or dressy belts will not help the situation.  Duty belts should be made of thick double-pressed leather for maximum support and even distribution of the weight of the gun.
All of these tips and more can be found in our insightful How To Guide on How to Choose a Holster.  Maybe a glock holster is right for you, or possibly a shoulder holster will suit you better.  No matter which holster you need, you will find it at a great price on

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