Great Eye Protection from Pyramex

Pyramex Safety Goggles is one of the leading suppliers of ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified safety glasses, and to hold this position true, we carry a vast selection.  Safety glasses and goggles are the only instrument between your eyes and danger, and we would not let you start the job without proper protection.  If you are working around lab equipment, power tools, or any other activity in which debris and chemicals may become airborne, take the time to put on a pair of safety glasses.
A company that looks to solve the eyewear needs of many industries is PyramexPyramex Safety Glasses, though very stylish and fashion-forward, have their main focus rooted in safety.  Born in 1991, the Pyramex brand looked to provide superior products and superior solutions to their customer base, earning contract after contract due to their exceptional craftsmanship.  Just take a look at their V2G Safety Glasses, which happen to be perfect for airsoft shooting.  These Pyramex Safety Glasses cover the eyes completely while allowing great ventilation, and are comfortable with the standard UV protection. The strap also keeps them flush against the face, so no particles can sneak through.
Even if you just need a pair of safety glasses while riding your scooter to and from work, Pyramex and OpticsPlanet have the set for you.  Pyramex Venture II Safety Glasses feature a rounded lens that won’t distort your vision, and gives great peripheral vision too.  We are confident that on the pages of our store you will find the eyewear you need.  Stay protected with OpticsPlanet.

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