Streamlight Fire Vulcan Flashlights – Providing Greater Safety for Firefighters

Streamlight has been a leader in high quality flashlights for years because of their focus on the needs of their customers. With a wide array of product lines tailored to the specific needs of every industry in need of a lighting solution, Streamlight manufactures some of the best flashlights available.

One line that Streamlight has outdone themselves on is the Fire Vulcan, which was created with firefighters in mind. Designers at Streamlight went through firefighter training, so they know the needs of the brave men and women who put their lives at risk for us when a blaze breaks out. One of the first things Streamlight noticed when developing the Fire Vulcan series is that it is just as important for firefighters to be seen as to see. As they make their way through a smoke filled building, firefighters work in groups, and they need to know that the person backing them up can see them, so Fire Vulcan flashlights have two blue taillight LEDs. Blue light is more visible through smoke than other colors, and blue won’t be lost in the light of fire as easily as other colors, so the taillights are visible even in terrible conditions.

Currently, Opticsplanet carries two different versions of the Fire Vulcan flashlight, the original Streamlight Fire Vulcan Lantern Light System and the Streamlight Fire Vulcan C4 LED Flashlight. Both models are rechareable, have strobe and constant light modes, and come with with the twin blue taillight LEDs. The original model has a halogen bulb in the front light, which keeps the flashlight more economically priced than the C4 model, which has a super bright LED lamp light. The C4’s LED decreases the weight of the flashlight, provides longer battery life and it stands up to shock better than the original, which was already known for its rugged durability. Both flashlights in the Fire Vulcan series give firefighters a safety boost when risking their lives.

If you’re looking for a great flashlight tailored to specific needs, check out Streamlight flashlights. In addition to great flashlights for firefighters, we have lighting solutions for soldiers, police officers, hunters and outdoorsmen.

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