Cannon Safes: Essential to Gun & Home Safety

Cannon Safes are some of the best made safes on the market and everyone that owns or has owned one including this writer will sing their praises. The importance of investing in a quality safe is so essential that it should be considered before even purchasing that first, or another firearm. Owning a safe is part of practicing gun safety, and should be at the center of every gun owner’s arsenal.

With home invasions on the rise gun sales have gone through the roof. Combined with the recent market surge due to political factors and other elements there are more firearms in the country than ever before.  Home invasions are on the rise and the zip code that you reside in is becoming less relevant and not a huge part of the crime equation.


Cannon Scout Safe

Unless you never leave your home then your firearms should always be stored away safely. This is not to just protect your prized firearms from falling into the wrong hands but what if there was a fire or flood, would your guns, and important documents/heirlooms be protected? What about a young child unexpectedly visiting, or company comes over for a visit are you confident you are practicing gun safety?  If you invest in or already own a Cannon safe the answer is yes!

Safe placement in the home is also a very important element to consider. Personally I feel that the more hidden the safe the better. Some like to have them out for display as safes can be very ornate and detailed for presentation – up to the owner. Cannon safes come with predrilled holes in the safe allowing you to bolt the safe to the floor (from inside the safe). I personally have my large Cannon safe hidden away in my basement completely out of sight from all the windows and drilled (deep) into the cement floor. My safe is Fireproof and also bolted to a very large not moveable cement foundation. The safe is not going to move at all, and only myself, and my family will have access to my valuables.


Find the Color/Finish you Like

Mother Nature and climate also needs to be considered for buying a safe. A very good friend of mine had a very large collection of firearms many of them were from his father who passed early in his childhood. He had his most valuable and emotionally important items in a lesser quality safe. Hurricane Katrina washed away that entire safe and all of his guns. Had he invested in a quality Cannon safe his only issue would be cleaning the firearms. Climate is a huge element to consider when storing firearms. Cannon safes come with electrical outlets inside the safe, why would you need electricity inside the safe? Dehumidifiers, these little beauties plug in electronically and absorb the humidity that might get into the safe and eat away at that blue steel. I even added Extra lights to my Cannon to really make my safe light up and let me find that clip or box of shells with ease.


Adjustable Shelving Systems Let you Customize to Fit your Collection

Cannon makes a great product that is ready to stand up to everything and anyone that might come along and try to take what you have worked so hard for. With multiple sizes, types, and grades Cannon has the safe to meet your every need. These safes have been trusted for years and I comfortably stand with the upmost confidence behind mine.

Alex P

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