Keep Both Eyes Open while Shooting Close and Far with a Trijicon ACOG!

One of the tougher challenges most shooters face is trying to shoot both close and far with equal accuracy and speed. Picking up a moving target in low light that’s 200 yards away can be a real struggle when you have one eye closed. Even if you know the general area your target is located, it can take too many precious seconds before it is centered in your scope’s image and you miss your opportunity.

Soldiers have to deal with this more than most, as those seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

One new technology that has come along in recent years to deal with slow target acquisition and poor peripheral vision is the red dot sight, and there are a number of great options of Trijicon Red Dot Sights that will give you incredible target acquisition speeds, but these sights are designed to be used for close range shots. Higher degrees of accuracy at longer distances with a red dot sight are only possible by adding a magnifier, which will slightly slow your speed.

With this in mind, Trijicon developed the Bindon Aiming Concept. The BAC was named for Trijicon founder Glyn Bindon, and it allows a shooter to use a magnified riflescope while keeping both of their eyes open.

It’s actually a really interesting idea. The way your brain processes images from each eye is used to allow you to transition from one eye to the other naturally.

You set up your scope so that you have a good cheek weld, and one eye is looking through the scope. Your other eye is open and free of the magnified image. This allows you to get a much better look at the field. A bright reticle, which Trijicon illuminates with fiber optics so it has the perfect level of brightness in every situation, is superimposed by your brain and it appears as if you’re seeing it with both eyes.

As you move your rifle around the magnified image will be distorted, and your brain will naturally pick the non magnified image from the other eye. When you slow down, the image from the scope comes into view, and your eyes will automatically adjust to that image.

This way you can find your target with both eyes, and when you stop moving quickly the image from the scope will come into focus, allowing your brain to reinterpret the image to the magnified one, at which point you’ll make a more accurate shot.

It’s important to have a really easy to see reticle for this to work though. Take the Trijicon 2X20 Compact ACOG Day & Night Gunsight TA47. This Trijicon ACOG Scope uses fiber optics to illuminate the reticle. Fiber optics are powered by ambient light, so there’s no battery to be changed. Of course, sometimes there’s still not enough light in the area, so Trijicon also incorporated tritium power, which will glow for years at the perfect brightness. So no matter how dark your situation is, you’ll have a nice, bright reticle that is super easy to see with both eyes open.

The 2X20 Compact ACOG Sight is made of military grade aluminum, and the lack of a battery or a number of moving parts makes it extremely tough.

This is a perfect riflescope for hunting or the battlefield, and you’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of the Trijicon Compact ACOG Day & Night Scope.

Eyes open! You’ll see more and shoot faster than ever before!

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