Check out the Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope if You want Variable Magnification and Quality Lenses!

One of the odd problems hunters face today is overly powerful optics. Bigger is better, as they say. However, this is often not the case, and many hunters are lured in with promises of extraordinary power. But when you buy a new riflescope, you need the right amount of magnification, not the highest amount. Swarovski knows that magnification is important, so they developed a new scope, the Swarovski Z5 BT 4W – 5-25x52mm, to give hunters an incredibly versatile optic that satisfies their need for ‘bigger and better,’ while also giving them a hunting scope that is really useful for a wide variety of situations.

As the name of the Z5 5-25X52mm Riflescope implies, the magnification range is 5X to 25X. In a lot of hunting situations, 25X magnification is going to be too much. For a full rundown of riflescope magnification needs, check out our How to Choose a Riflescope Guide. Our main product specialist, Steve Ledin, will give you a lot of great info to help you figure out what you need for your particular type of hunting.

A brief summary is that, at 25X magnification, you won’t be able to shoot a whitetail deer that is relatively close to you. Your field of view will be limited, and at best you’ll see a bit of brown hair. Fortunately, the Z5 Scope is a variable scope with a low enough minimum magnification for you to be able to use it for a majority of hunting sitiuations. The generous field of view on the Z5 Riflescope at 5X magnification will give you a good overview of the field, and when game presents itself you can quickly and easily increase your magnification for a perfect shot.

This makes the Swarovski Z5 perfect for hunting a wide variety of different animals, and if you want to partake in some long distance target shooting you’ll have the power you need for that also. That’s a lot of versatile uses for a single scope!

As the magnification gets pretty high, it’s important to consider parallax, which can throw off your shot. More and more high power riflescopes are incorporating a parallax adjusment, and the Z5 Rifle Scope not only has one, but it has a lateral parallax turret, which is super easy to adjust, even when you’re in shooting position. Without this adjustable turret, you would struggle with accuracy when changing your magnification from 5 to 25X.

As the Z5 is great for a variety of hunting styles, with different guns and distances possible with the same scope, this Swarovski rifle scope has an included ballistic turret so that you can easily sight in at 4 different distances. With this you can take a perfect shot quickly at various ranges.

I’ve written a lot about distance, parallax and getting a great image from the Swarovski Z5 Scope, but since you’ll be using it for so many different hunts you’ll also be glad to know it’s tough. I know you’re going to beat it up, so durability is no doubt toward the top of your list of must-have features.

All of the outer aluminum parts are anondized to make them scratch resistant, so don’t worry about the little bumps along the hunting trails. Your scope will still look as good as new.

The mechanics in the turrets feature the patented Swarovski 4 Coil Spring System, which makes them extra resistant to shock. Recoil won’t throw off your shot. Even with high caliber bullets, the Z5 Scope will stay on target!

It seems too good to be true. A versatile riflescope from a trusted brand that’s tough as nails. But that’s what you get with the Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope. Find yours at OpticsPlanet today!

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