SHOT Show Day 1 Day One Recap – Live from the Convention Floor

Man, what a day! If the theme of yesterday was just burning through ammo and shooting some cool guns, today it was checking out a lot of the equipment that goes on those guns (and of course the gear every hunter and sports shooter is going to want badly in 2012!)

We saw some really great stuff from Bushnell, including 4 high definition models of their popular Trophy Trail Camera line. Surefire showed off a variety of tactical lights and weapon lights, including a green laser version of the X400 we know a lot of people have been clamoring for.

We got a chance to see the new Leupold VX-R Zombie Rifle Scope, for any of you out there preparing your ultimate bug out bag, and see a prototype of the Burris Eliminator III laserscope – something you’ll see Trevor was really excited about! There’s so much to cover – be sure to watch our daily recap video to see what we covered today. Full length interview videos will be coming as soon as we can get them out!


Alessandro is super busy on the floor of SHOT Show, but he gave me the lowdown on some of the great products he saw today, so I’m going to give you a bit more info so he can continue interviewing the representatives from the show.

Bushnell is Bringing High Definition to Trail Cameras

GearExpert Bushnell Trail Cameras at SHOT ShowAlessandro briefly mentioned the new additions to the Bushnell Trophy line of trail cameras.  The biggest advancement is the improved video quality, as the cameras are now in HD, but there are other great features added to the updated Trophy cameras.  A nice touch is the addition of a date, time, temperature, moon, name and GPS stamp, so you know all the details of the conditions for a picture that has an amazing buck.  It’s fully programmable from 5 to 60 second recording intervals, and the battery lasts for 1 year!  You can choose widescreen or full screen images and video as well, so there will be a lot of versatile uses for these trail cameras.  All these features and it has the best camera Bushnell has put in a trail cam yet!

Leupold Takes on Zombies with a New VX-R Scope

Leupold doesn’t want you to be amongst the walking dead when the zombie plague is upon us, so they’veGearExpert Leupold Zombie Scope at SHOT Show come out with the VX-R Zombie Riflescope.  To be clear, the VX-R isn’t just some novelty scope.  It has some awesome features, and Leupold didn’t hold back when it came to quality.  As with many of Leupold’s Scopes, the VX-R Zombie Scope allows you to make quick and easy finger click adjustments, the glass is stellar, and it’s waterproof.  There’s a good chance you’re going to be running for your life from a zombie horde at some point, and if you get a little wet before turning around to quickly take down a zombie you’re going to be glad your rifle scope is waterproof.  Check out the pic.  There are a bunch of neat little design touches that really make the VX-R Zombie stand out.  I really like the insides of the lens caps.  Don’t forget that zombies love BRAINS!!!

Vortex Takes Aim at the Rangefinder Market

GearExpert Vortex Rangefinder at SHOT ShowVortex has been designing super tough optics for a while now.  They always give you a phenomenal value, with many scopes having features you would normally only find in much more expensive models.  That’s why is great to see them get into the rangefinder business! The Vortex Ranger 1000 is a great compact rangefinder.  As the name implies, it will find you a range up to 1000 yards, but it’s also small enough that you won’t mind carrying it along on a hunt.  A really nice feature that we liked is the belt clip.  As it’s a pretty rugged rangefinder you don’t need to worry about always keeping it in a case or storing it in your bag.  The Ranger 1000 will be right there on your hip; ready at a moment’s notice!

State of the Art Shooting with the Burris Eliminator III

I love that you can see the genuine excitemGearExpert Burris Eliminator III at SHOT Showent from Trevor for the Burris Eliminator III Riflescope.  Well, there’s good reason: this is a sweet scope with a ton of cool features!  First, the glass and construction of the Eliminator III is outstanding.  That’s always necessary for successful shooting, but what really sets the Eliminator III apart is the technological advancements inside.  This laser riflescope ranges up to 1200 yards, and the bullet drop compensator (BDC) works at any magnification!  That’s huge, as it allows shooters to accurately adjust for distance much quicker than with traditional methods.  This Burris Scope not only compensates for distance, but you can also input the ballistic coefficient of your bullet for maximum accuracy.  The new X96 reticle makes it easier to compensate for wind, so you shouldn’t have any trouble hitting your target.  Clearly, Trevor is happy about it.  I bet you will be too!

There were a few more cool products shown off yesterday, but words won’t do them justice.  We’re working on some full videos from SHOT Show so you can see all the great features of new products by Safariland, ATN, Steiner and more!  Stay tuned.  There’s a lot more coming!

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